Saturday, May 9, 2020


The Annual National Day of Prayer Illinois State Capitol event was canceled for the public part of it, but it was still the Day of Prayer. Thanks to the great management of our local Christian radio station, and Moody Bible Radio affiliate - the WLUJ Family of Stations, we were able to assemble our small group of 6 praying ministers and record the most powerful and anointed appeal to Heaven we have had in recent memory. 

That pre-recorded broadcast was then played across the stations many frequencies from the Mississippi River to the Indiana Border - a listening area of over 3 millions people.

In order of Prayer, on the National Day of Prayer across America, our prayer leaders were:
Pastor Joey Krol (Galilee Baptist, WLUJ Morning Host) - Opening Prayer
Pastor Patrick Groth (Hope Church) - The Glory of God
Pastor Mac Dalton (Radiant Church ) - Government (Federal, State, Local)
Pastor Eddie Pullen (Il. Southern Baptist Association IBSA) - The Church, Missions, The Lost

Bernie Lutchman (BMIC) - Families
Pastor John Swinford (Sweetwater Christian Church) - The Military, First Responders, Medical Personnel

Pastor Eric Ginder (New Life Tabernacle) - The Judiciary, Transformation, Vision.

The audio from the radio station will be available at a future time.

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