Monday, January 29, 2018


Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits (Psalm 103:2)
Webster's Dictionary defines the word "benefit" as "something that produces good or helpful results or effects or that promotes well-being". It is also described as "an act of kindness". This basically describes the Grace of Almighty God to a bunch of people who deserves the opposite of acts of kindness and goodness. But this is Who He is.

Just as we glorify our Father in Heaven for Who He is (verse 1), we bless and should be absolutely grateful for ALL He has done for us. There are so many benefits of being a child of God, it comes down to a question of "where do I begin"?! 

First and most importantly, we look at the Eternal Benefits of being a born-again, saved, being-sanctified in the Lord son or daughter of the King- the Lord Jesus Christ:
- Jesus saves us from Hell. Yes, He does. Salvation, however, is more than just eternal "fire insurance". It is the fruit of the Gospel manifested in the believer. Salvation is the main opening the greatest and best life a person could ever dream of having. At the point of conversion, we are immediately transferred from the kingdom of darkness, death, and the devil, to ALL of Eternity Past, Present, and Future. 

In Eternity Past, the Holy Spirit, Who takes up permanent 100% residence in us testifies to the Veracity of the Scripture. The Oracles of God are recorded in the Bible and while we see archaeology proving the Bible almost daily, Holy Spirit confirms the accounts of the Old Testament, from Creation to the Book of the Revelation. Biblical historians like Josephus, Eusebius as well as others confirm the rest. How much we avail ourselves of these eternal truths actually depends on us and our willingness to study the Bible, fast and pray.

In Eternity Present, we should be aware that everything we do has consequences. Our Faith in Jesus Christ should spur us to not just good works in the community and to our family and friends, but Faith requires us to share the Gospel with those whom we know, are lost. We take nothing from this life to the next, except another person, if we lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Eternity Future is first, the 1000 year Reign with Christ, right here on the Earth and secondly, at the end of that Age, the Eternal Kingdom forever, with the Lord.

-  Blessed Assurance that not only Jesus is yours and mine, but we are the only ones with the sure Hope of an after-life free of Judgment which casts us away from Holy God. 

-  This Assurance of heaven brings peace, joy, contentment and if we live with the knowledge of our inheritance in Christ, we can have the life which Christ intends us to have. This is available right now, in this present life.

-  The fruits of the Spirit are for us to enjoy NOW. They are, as listed in Galatians 5:22 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness". How we love our spouses, children and our fellow man bring so much joy. This joy leads to peace and contentment in our hearts if we are patient and kind. This Christian attitude then shows the goodness and faithfulness of God, which if applied with the sharing of the Gospel, has the potential to lead many to Jesus Christ and Salvation!

-  One of the main benefits of living in the Life and Authority of Christ is the ability to persevere. Life is never meant to be easy and many are the tears, pains, and fears of the believer. Most Christians worldwide live in massive poverty due to persecution by those under atheist and other religions of those countries.  It is in these times of persecution and trial that the Lord brings the true hope of Christ which sees them through the end.  Christians everywhere, get cancer, lose children, lose jobs and get in horrible tragedies like everyone else. The main difference in this life is the Christian is prepared for Eternity if he or she is truly born-again and following Jesus Christ as Lord.

These are just some of the primary benefits of the believer. Those who are wise, will rise and thank God for every single one of those mentioned above. The gratitude we exhibit should not only be evident in our lifestyle but in our personal relationship with Almighty God. A daily consistent attitude of gratitude, humility and more should lead us to bless His Holy Name, at all times, since He has given so much to us. Amen.

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