Wednesday, April 5, 2017


The most wonderful things happen when we praise Yahweh (Jesus) in the storm. We can go from being buffeted by tsunami sized waves one minute, thinking no one cares and it is all over to the very next minute being immediately on dry land. This is exactly what happened in this next portion of Psalm 119 (verses 89-96).

This amazing shift could not happen to the believer unless he or she is fully conscious of the immutability of God, the immovable Sovereignty of His Holy Name and the inerrancy of His Words.  His immutability speaks to the very center of God's Nature - He cannot change. From an unimaginable eternity past, He IS God and will never change. He cannot change. We are the ones who must, in order to line up with His perfect nature. We know He is Sovereign Creator and Ruler of all and most of all. He will never move off His Throne of His Lordship over all. We know His Words will therefore, forever stand (Psalm 119:89-91). You can doubt until you're blue in the face, this will never cease being true!

When He declares what He will do, He does it. When He says what He will not do, it will never happen. He spoke the world into existence (Genesis chapter 1) He set its footings so precise that even one millimeter off, and the globe will cease to exist.  He sustains the Heavens and the earth by the Power of His Spoken Words. 
Psalm 119:89-96
89   Forever, O Lord, Your words settled in heaven.
90   Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations; You established the earth, and it stands.
91   They stand this day according to Your ordinances, for all things are Your servants.
92   If Your law had not been my delight, then I would have perished in my affliction.
93   I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have revived me.
94  I am Yours, save me; for I have sought Your precepts.
95  The wicked wait for me to destroy me; I shall diligently consider Your testimonies.
96  I have seen a limit to all perfection; Your commandment is exceedingly broad.

Search the unfathomable – the very oracles of God – the Bible and more and more is revealed about the Creator and His Creation than we can ever pick up even studying the Bible in depth. (Psalm 119:92)

Seek the Inseparable – the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and They will embrace you and I like when the Angel came down from heaven to tell the great prophet Daniel (Daniel 10:11). God may not send down a live Angel to speak with you directly, but His mercy, grace, favor and love last a lifetime. The more you and I see Him in prayer and worship and the Word, in Spirit and Truth, the more He grants us His Favor, blessings and more…..until our cup runneth over so we can bless someone else with the overflow. (Psalm 119:92-94).

Surrender to the Incorruptible – Only a superior, Holy and all-Powerful being could produce the words of life which rescued you and I when we were in the depths of our despair.  His entire Law Book – the Bible, while not even 10% a compilation of do’s and don’ts, is the high octane fuel which fires the internal combustion the engines of our lives when combined with the Oil of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit alive in us, is the ONLY proof we belong to God eternally – THE ONLY EVIDENCE. When this internal combustion engine of our souls is firing, even on 1 piston, it is enough to confirm the trustworthiness of EVERY single promise and truth in the Bible. Because God cannot and will not sin, His purity and holiness cleanses us by extension (Psalm 119:93)

Separate from the irredeemable – Regardless of the intentions of  countless thousands of evangelists to reach the lost and dying world, the majority will never respond to this free gift and love of the gospel. It seems to simple and easy for them. There are those who wish to do it themselves.  There are those who want the good life right now and “go for all the gustonow because “you can’t take it with you”. Increasingly, the perishing and lost world plot against, persecute and promote hatred against the people of God. Psalm 119:95 calls them “the wicked”, which they are. Our portion in this is to identify the enemies of God and our souls and then stay as far from them as possible in fellowship. If the Lord leads to speak with them about Him, pray without ceasing and obey this command. Pray for their salvation at the same time, while praying their wickedness INTO the very capable Hands of Yahweh.  Knowing how to stay within the parameters allowed, while staying on offense in prayer takes maturity and a certain level of spiritual growth.  It is advisable to just give the matter over to the Lord immediately  and not proceed into the realms of spiritual warfare, against the purveyors of wickedness.
Psalm 1:1-2
1  How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of scoffers!
2  But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.
Soak in His Presence – think of how the Word starts out in Psalm 1:2 (above)
"His delight" – your delight,  my delight – all the delight of all the true followers of Jesus Christ is to  be found in Him!  The truest delight is to be found on “meditating” on His Word all day long.  God is not saying that we walk around speaking in bible verses, 24/7, on this side of Glory and not living it out. What He is saying is His Word is firm. His promises are truth and He has made us completely justified in His sight – that is He remade us 100% from the inside out (just as He said He would in Isaiah 1:18 if we reasoned with Him). Let us just take this and run with it, with full and complete knowledge of our eternal position and security and trust God with the rest.

The matter has been resolved. He is God. He is Sovereign and His promises are "yes and amen". Let the richness of His Word remain embedded, watered, nurtured and growing in our hearts, so that we can continue to live the rich, sinless Christian life with a purpose.

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