Sunday, June 12, 2016


Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever You had formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God. (Psalm 90:2)
The heart of a truly Godly person could not be more evident than in this second verse of Moses' Prayer of Praise and Pronouncement. Each previous time, when Moses prayed, it was to beg the Hand of God to refrain from judgment against the Israelites. This time, Moses' prayer was worship based on Truth with the prophetic integrated into the prayer!

Verse 1 reassures us, through the Holy Spirit moving Moses to write down Psalm 90, that we have a safe and sure refuge in God, through Christ. Verse 2 UNDERSCORES this Truth by the Spirit talking about the immortality and self-existence of God. There was no "Big Bang" and something cannot come from nothing as lost scientists and others who believe in Evolution teach. God was and is always God. He is the Ancient of Days. He is the Creator of ALL things and He is God.

Moses asked the Lord on Mt. Sinai "Whom shall I say sent me?". Jesus told him "Tell them I am Who I am sent you" (Exodus 3:14).  This is the best the English can translate what Christ actually said. He said "tell them YHWH sent you" - the Self-Existent God Who is Spirit. The (Hebrew letter) H -Hey- represents the Spirit of God. When God changed Abram and Sarai's name to AbraHam and SaraH, He put His "H(hey) or Spirit in them to seal them. This is what He does for us at the point of Salvation until we go to be with Him, either through death or the coming Rapture.

We learn several things about God through this powerful verse (Psalm 90:2) of one man's Spirit inspired prayer:
Mountains - they are firm, foundational and never move - like God Who is Invincible!
Creation of the Earth - He is Incredible in the sheer biological, geological and beauty of what He created.
Everlasting to Everlasting - He is INFINITE beginning, no end...and the God Who is FOREVER. He is the God of Eternity Past AND Eternity Future.
You are God - He is IMMORTAL, INVISIBLE, God only wise. He just IS!

Proverbs 8:22 tells us that "The LORD made me at the beginning of His creation, before His works of long ago" (Holman)- proving He knew us before the Foundation of the World.

1 Chronicles 16:11 gives comfort, reassurance and sheer hope for the woman, man or son and daughter of God...that because of all the Attributes and Amazing characteristics of the Awesome God of Heaven. This verse tells us "Search for the LORD and for His strength; seek His face always"

Trust in God, through Christ now, before it is too late. He is Invincible, Incredible, Infinite, Immortal, Invisible and God - Yahweh - just Jesus' Strong Name, amen.

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