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A REVIEW OF "GIFTED...a love story" 
(A Redeeming Romance Medical Mystery- Kindle edition)
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My favorite female author Susan Rohrer has done it again with her latest release “GIFTED: a love story” (A Redeeming Romance Medical Mystery).  As a man who only reads non-fiction books on Theology and related topics, reading a fictional romance may seem out of sync, but it actually is not as Ms. Rohrer’s books always inspire and come with more than one message and even sub-themes!

I found this the case with “GIFTED” and the first thing to recommend is this – do NOT try to read this book or to attempt to get into the story while doing a dozen other things. This is the 
sort of narrative that lends itself to lifting up, addressing and even edifying those who seek to understand the human condition, and should be read during extended periods of time.

The author’s description of the book speaks for itself, but a few things stood out to me that men would do well to grab a hold of, and meditate on for a while. What I like about reading Ms. Rohrer’s books is her ability to present several facets of human personality, and I encourage men of all ages, especially working fathers, to take a look at this offering – even if it is only for the two things which come later on in the book – towards the end.

One thing is something that we men struggle with as fathers in our busy lives.
Author Susan Rohrer
We attempt to juggle work, kids’ baseball games, plays and other family activities. Sometimes we cannot (some do) find the balance between earning that one extra dollar which may pay for this or that for the kids, and being there. Lily asked a question of her mom that should cause every responsible man to shiver a little. As our “GIFTED” heroine, Dr. Lily Lapree discussed the events of the most crucial day in the book with her mother, she asked “How do you choose between doing the work you’ve got to do to provide for your family and actually being there for them?”

This is an absolutely stunning statement as Lily, a medical doctor at the “Belfry” seeks to make sense of tragedy and her growing faith as she heads towards personal fulfillment in love and career. As an author of Faith as well, Susan Rohrer (Holy Spirit, Secret of the Dry Bones), also answers a question a few people ask: “why would God speak to a little boy like Aaron Ghant” (the fulcrum of this story) and hardly anyone else, especially adults? The surprising “Father” Dylan, hospital chaplain, does have an answer, which is theologically sound – “Maybe Aaron was the only one who would listen.”  

“GIFTED” is a book recommended not just for its love angle (which is a minor part of this accomplishment by Ms. Rohrer). It is recommended for anyone to read for its presentation of real life human interaction, on many levels as well as the underlying Faith in Christ component, which powers true happiness and understanding of the ways of God in this fallen world. Also as man with family and friends who work at Catholic and other hospitals, I can attest to the authenticity of Ms. Rohrer’s writing and the real picture of life in this critical environment.

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