Saturday, April 12, 2014


The birth of your children is one of the special moments of any person’s life. There is almost no greater feeling. One can think of the real defining moments of life: such as when you were saved/born again/rejuvenated or converted from a person bound for hell into a son or daughter worthy to be associated – for eternity – with the Creator of the World, the Lord Jesus Christ.  But there is something phenomenal, natural and instinctive about a baby – marveling at a new born, holding a toddler and raising many of them which lands life’s precious moments close to the top of the list.

However there is something even more incredible, these days – seeing a live baby – A LIVE BABY IN THE WOMB! I remember the ultra sounds of my own children from the 1990’s and they were nothing as defined and crystal clear as they are today.  Modern technology has developed to bring the issue of life to a crossroads where there can be no doubt as to just WHO and what is in the mother’s womb!  These photos are from the just concluded LIVE ultrasound at the Springfield Illinois Lifetime Pregnancy Center (now called LIFETIME) dinner of a pregnant mother with a 14 week old baby in her womb.  These photos are also from a jumbo projection screen from a projector which was NOT HD (high def), the image is stunning, affirming and absolutely real!

14 week old baby with a terrific beating heart facing foward on the new Samsung Ultrasound Machine
A fourteen week old baby (or fetus in the other people’s language) is only a 3 ½ month baby and is only one third of the way to being born into the world.  Yet the pro-abortion rights side from Judges to juvenile politicians and academics and liberal mainline protestant clergy will have you believe these are “unviable tissue masses”. Their lost estate continues to such a moronic extent that they try to indoctrinate others to believe that life does not begin until a baby is born or out of the womb. You see they have to concoct fables like this to convince their dark souls and consciences that they are not really destroying a human being when they commit abortion – midterm or late term.

Anyone who has seen one of these new high-tech ultrasound machines, if they had any vestige of decency and conscience left, would immediately become pro-life.  This is what is happening 90% of the time when pregnant women are given the opportunity to see an ultra sound image  of their child. They immediately change their minds and carry the baby to full-term. God has written His law in EVERY heart of every human who ever lived. Therefore, so the majority of women instinctively know this is a real live baby which they just cannot terminate to their eternal horror and shame.  The remaining 10%  who proceed anyway, will answer for their deeds on Judgment Day, that is – unless they completely repent and have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The baby's back with fully formed spine and limbs clearly visible
The photos here are from a live ultra sound of a baby with a beating heart. The baby’s complete body is identifiable from head to spine to hands to feet.  You cannot tell if this baby is an author, a scientist, a tennis player or a violinist.  But one thing is certain – God created this baby. God knows the baby’s name.  God knows the baby’s every minute on this earth. He knows how many hairs on the head. He knows the child’s entire future. Why? Because birth begins at conception and He knows your name and mine. He knows our every thought because He knew us from the foundations of the earth.

Psalm 139: 13 says “For You formed me in my inward parts, You covered me in my mother’s womb”…and God says in Jeremiah 1:5a “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”. To the extent that liberals re-define God’s handiwork on earth, it is only for the present… while man is still in charge, for the brief time left for all humanity in this life. There is coming a day when all creation will rejoice and life will return to its original intent – Eternal Glory of the One True God and King – Who  created Heaven and Earth and all living things.  In that day as well, the almost 60 million babies, whose lives were ended by legal abortion since 1973 will be restored and ushered into the Father’s presence to enjoy eternity. What a day that will be!


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