Tuesday, March 22, 2011


2 Thessalonians 5:17 exhorts us to "pray without ceasing". Can a person really pray without "ceasing"? What about sleeping, eating, going to work etc etc... Someone would ask..even the most enthusiastic Christian!

This is a great question! The answer, of course, is YES! You can pray WITHOUT ceasing because if you ever cease or stop praying, you have stopped your fellowship and communion with Holy God, through Jesus Christ.

These three words pack POWER!! Let's take "PRAY". The original Greek word is "proseúxomai" which means to interact with God by converting from YOUR wishes to WHAT HE WANTS TO IMPART THROUGH YOUR FAITH IN HIM!!!" Can you see now why WORDS have MEANING! God does not just put words in Scripture to hear Himself talk. The Holy Spirit is giving full direction and counsel from Jesus what is expected of a Christian!

Now, the OTHER WORDS are :WITHOUT CEASING". The original Greek word is "adialeíptōs: which means "leave NO TIME-GAP between this prayer and the next one"! Simple, huh! Christ, through His Spirit wants nothing left between us and Abba, no stumbling blocks and hindrances or lapses in time or continuum, when it comes to praying!! So the next time you see this VERY SHORT VERSE - just remember, you can actually pray without ceasing! Because it is like breathing in and out - it is the Breath of Life - Fellowship with the LORD...ALWAYS!!
In Jesus' Name, amen.
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Toyin O. said...

Great video and post, thanks for sharing.

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

Thank you Toyin! You have a very nice blog! I just "FOLLOWED" it!
Thank you for encouragement!

You too "covnitkepr1" !! I also followed your blog! Feel free to drop by here anytime! The Lord bless and keep you and yours, Toyin and Cov!!
psalm 27:4