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Providing a journey to wholeness -

We Christians sometimes say about the Bible: "I know it in my head, but not in my heart". It is a western trait to believe that knowing something is enough... But we need to fully apply the Good News Jesus gave us, to our whole lives, for it to really change us... So, if some of the Gospel points below don’t feel totally real to you, it will help to ask how they make you think and feel, then ask God to show you what they mean to your life, in all its stages.

- twelve nuggets of truth dug carefully
from the Bible- molded, with God's help, to your life
Faith in these truths will enrich you beyond
your wildest dreams - for this world
- and the next!

1. God made everything, and is everywhere; he is a Spirit
2. God is love. He wants to care for us as his dear children
3. But people wanted their own way, so evil has been able to have its way with us all
4. God sent his son Jesus to earth, to be born and grow up just as we do, so he would be able to help us
5. Jesus showed how he was God by the powerful miracles he did out of love; also by how totally good he was
6. Jesus was unjustly ordered to be killed by jealous people, but he came to life again after three days in the grave
7. Wise people around the world had said these things would happen (especially in the Bible)
8. When we die, Jesus will judge what we are like. But not one of us is good enough for there is no wrong in heaven
9. But when Jesus died on the Roman cross, he suffered the punishment for all us. So when we sadly admit to him that we’re not good, that we've done many things wrong, he can forgive us
10. And God can help us change the way we think (repent) as we look at the things we’ve done wrong
11. God shows us good and right ways to behave; and He gives us strength to love him and each other
12. We become a member of God's family, and he can look after us, and we will all be together with him forever
Apply these to our

- Learning with our
5 senses, conception

- Learning from the
family (toddler)
- Learning to com-
municate (4-7 years)
- Learning about all
creation (8-11 yrs)
- Learning about
ourselves (puberty)
- Training for work
(young adult)
- Occupation, work
(career & adult life)
- Retirement (voluntary
work, peace and rest)
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