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Billy Ray and daughter, Miley Cyrus
"But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone hung around your neckMark 9:42 (NLT).
Billy Ray Cyrus has to be one of the biggest pinheads ever…not just as a man but as a father of one of the now most controversial “role” models to the young girls of America – Miley Cyrus! Now that we see that Miley has turned out to be the same paragon of “virtue” like fellow ex-southern Baptists Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson.

A decade after he became a laughing stock with his line-dancing hit “Achy Breaky Heart”, Cyrus gained credibility with a serious and inspiring role in the PAX TV series, DOC. This family drama last three years and showed Cyrus as big hearted Christian doctor from Montana, who opened a clinic in New York City.
Miley Cyrus, is she out of control?

But something happened on the way to fame and fortune.  Billy Ray somehow bought into the lure of Hollywood and allowed his young daughter to move to California from their idyllic home in Tennessee to become the loud, almost obnoxious (some say, cute) Hannah Montana!  Miley  (whose real  name is Destiny Hope Cyrus) became an instant megastar at the tender age of 14. Then old Achy Breaky himself joined the cast and is still part of this Disney money machine.

Somewhere along the line, culture trumped Christ.  Miley’s parents allowed her, a 15 year old minor, to be photographed topless by top US photographer Annie Liebowitz  for Vanity Fair Magazine. After parents of America’s threw a fit, due to the fact that their pre-teen daughters was seeing this trash, Billy Ray issued this weak statement about not being there when the photos were taken! Never mind that he was also in some of the Vanity Fair pictures!

The worst was yet to come! Old “Achy Breaky” stood silently by his 16 year old “Christian” daughter, Miley,  carried and cavorted with members of both  sexes on stage and was pole dancing during the 2008 Teen Choice Awards! Now that Miley has left “Hannah Montana” and gone solo into her own music career, she has picked up where the corrupted Baptist-turned-pagan Kabballah Brittany Spears left off! Not just this fact, but she has done so in spades.

Just a week or so ago, Miley’s latest video would make even Hugh Hefner shake his corrupt head! This comes hot on the heels of the 16 year old Miley giving Producer Adam Shankman (Last Song) a Lap dance! When they asked Billy Ray for a comment, all he could say was “Miley was just "having fun" and that "it's what people her age do".

“Who owns my Heart” is her latest release and the 17 year old Miley is seen writhing all over her wrinkled sheets in her underwear while singing seductively. It was so inappropriate that the O’Reilly Factor had to issue a warning to Viewers before showing it, in a piece on the latest anti-Miley outrage expressed by the Parents Council.

Former Baptist "pastor" Joe Simpson 
The issue here is not just what kind of parent Billy Ray Cyrus happens to be, another in the extremely long line of professing “christians” . He will account to God for this. What is more important than him and his out of control teenage daughter is the corruption of young girls under the age of 14 by this family! We saw it when Madonna led her generation of young females astray in the mid 1980’s; when the scantily clad Brittany Spears did it in the 1990’s and now a decade later – Miley Cyrus!

No concern is shown by either DISNEY or so-called family friendly Cyrus, for this generation of young women who are not being brought up in purity either at church, school and unfortunately at home. They are bombarded by filth on iTunes, TV, movies, the internet and more and more by social media (Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace etc).

In times like these, we look to the grown-ups to lead the way. However, whether we have people like Joe Simpson, the former Baptist minister from Texas, who shamelessly “markets” (to keep it clean on a Christian site) his daughter Jessica Simpson or Billy Ray helping a corrupt and evil culture further lead young people away from any shred of decency and accountability, it is no wonder parents are getting no help to reign in their teens!
God help us, as fathers and husbands as we try to raise our kids in a corrupt and wicked generation!

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