Sunday, June 20, 2010



The bees are buzzing around my Russian Sage. A spider is busy spinning his web to trap lunch. A bird just landed on my Cherry Blossom. He’s calling to his friends, “Hey! Are we going to meet again for lunch today?” The crows are squawking and the whoosh-whoosh of their wings as they fly over the roof of the house make me smile.

Silence. It is golden.

You can open your ears when your lips aren’t moving. You can hear things like the above because it never really is silent, unless, of course, you count 9/11 when all the planes were grounded. That will be a story I’ll tell the not-yet born of the future. In my cranky voice, I’ll tell in detail all about that historic and somber day while I am sipping jello through a straw.

We don’t always use silence. We feel as if we have to fill up our prayer time with God in words when words really aren’t needed. Silent time with God speaks volumes. Just be still, clasp your hands together and listen to Him.

Silence is never used when around friends. We fill it up with advice. I do. I get that from my mother. It’s an annoying habit. My helping heart tends to trip over the volumes of advice wore out from too much use searching for the perfect words. In Duane Scott’s blogcalled, “Returning The Favor,” he used silence to listen to his dad’s rant. Our friends may only need our ear, our love, acceptance and our presence to let them know they are not alone. My friends are used to me. They know I mean well and I hope some day I can return the favor of their friendship by listening well.

As the bees buzz, the crows fly and the birds sing, I sit still in my living room with my book resting on my lap, a finger saving my spot, and I listen as the wind trickles through the wind chimes by my front door. Some children are playing down the street. Their laughter is like the harp I hear sometimes during service—gentle, loving, and relaxing. Silence is truly golden.

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