Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This issue of our newsletter covers the dates when we remember the most significant event in Human History - the Death, Burial and Resurrection of the Savior of mankind. 

The exact date according to both Jewish and Christian theologians is said to be 14 Nisan (April 3) AD 33.This is the likeliest date, given the timing of John' the Baptist's ministry. What is absolutely clear is - 14 Nisan - Passover. Jesus ate the Passover meal with His disciples in the Upper Room after which came the well-known chain of events.Now, it will take more than a few books to explain and understand the Significance of the True Passover Lamb - Jesus, and the Cross He carried and died on. AND even so, we will never fully grasp its meaning this side of heaven. 

This much is certain - the Absolute King of the Universe and Creator, pour Himself out of the Throne of Heaven, into the womb of a young maiden (via the Holy Spirit) and OBEYED everything His Father told Him to do for 33 years.To willingly suffer humiliation, scourging, injustice and death at the hands of evil men - representative of all evil of all time - is beyond mortal comprehension. The theology of this scandal is unimaginable, yet it is this same Scandal of the Cross that carries the attribute of its Wonder!

The Wonder of His Cross is this - ONE Perfect Life, sacrificed on two pieces of wood, is responsible for millions from every Tribe and Tongue (going back to Enoch, Seth and Adam) to the those few who will be rescued from hell in the coming Tribulation. This Good Friday, as we reflect on what it really means, an attitude of gratitude could not possibly begin to come close to what we need to possess, in order to honor Him Who now sits at the Right Hand of the Father!

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