Monday, October 12, 2009


It is a known fact that more women pray than men. From first hand experience, I know that almost every strain of the National Prayer ministries are populated by a majority of women. Why is this? Why are men, whom Almighty God, through Creator Christ, put in positions of leadership from Adam on down, loath to spend time on their knees?

Reasons and excuses are many. The good news is that changes are coming. Starting in 2008, our National Day of Prayer head office in Colorado Springs forged alliances with national men's movements like the National Iron Sharpens Iron and Joe White's Men at the Cross Conferences, that are bearing fruit. From Kansas City, the International House of Prayer (IHOP) movement spread like wildfire across America and here into Springfield, Illinois (led by Scott Beauchamp).

Men - young and old are now walking in the Spirit as mighty warriors of prayer in the IHOP, Apostolic and other independent prayer networks and churches we travel in.

The primary goal is to Glorify God; seek His Face; repent of personal and corporate sins and travail in intercession with someone in need (or over a critical issue).

For the fervent and effective prayer to be heard, the spiritual heart of a righteous man MUST be awakened to the Call of the King. Too many men lose out on this amazing blessing, by thinking crazy things about prayer warriors - except when they need us!

If you wish to find out for yourself, contact Scott or anyone of us. One great opportunity is here: consider attending this Awakened Hearts Conference led by Lou Engle from November 5-7, all or part of it. A meaningful relationship with Christ can not be developed only by going to church on Sunday. Pray about it.

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DEnoah said...

Awesome! Thank you for a local church for open their doors up for this conference in Springfield!